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Drug Therapy or Medication Associated with AML with Changes in Chromosome 11. Posted on January 4, 2014 View this journey (16 Experiences)

Had a smart port put into right cheat 11/2013. Started photophoresis treatment ate 1/2013. I get treatment once weekly, which is 6 hours driving round trip. This treatment requires my blood to go through a machine and separate m Zt cells from other cells. Then T cells are treated with a drug called uvadex and put Nader uv light to activate med. then is returned to me. For the next 24 hours I must wear sunscreen and uv protective glasses as the med makes me uv sensitive. I am already seeing improvemt, small but there so I am lucky. It's been 4 treatments so far and doc didn't expect signs of improvemnt usually 2-3 months. I have 75% survival rate with this disease, better odds than with leukemia. God is always with me, blessing me and comforts me. Pray he does the same for all of you.

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