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I have a history of swollen vocal cords, had paralyzed vocal cord at one time, and now, slightly swollen vocal cords from being run down from the chemo. I am worried that I might lose my voice totally, but live alone and have no one to make phonecalls etc for me. How do I communicate if I endup unable to talk for myself? So, knowing what to do already for swollen vocal cords, I practice vocal rest over 80% of the time. Does anyone else have voice troubles with chemo?

I also have trouble swallowing, and sometims pain with swallowing. I have already seen an ear, nose and throat dr. They are the ones who told me slightly swollen vocal cords, and a sinus infection. I know swollen or paralyzed vocal cord can also cause trouble with swallowing. So I try to drink liquid when I think I will have trouble or my throat is hurting when I try to swallow.

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