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I've learned more about myself as a person because of this bout of cancer. Before I lost my hair, I decided to take the radical step of wearing a pink Mohawk--although I'm nearly 60. I went to the salon and told the unbelieving young hairdresser what I had in mind and the rest is history,or so I thought.

Today my husband & I browsed at the ACS Thrift store and got to talking with the lady who worked there. I told her I was going through chemo and that I was buying the black sparkly top to wear with my green tinsel wig at my chemo closest to Christmas time. She then related a story about a woman who came into a salon while she was getting a haircut--to get HER hair cut into a pink Mohawk...she was full of praise for this "gutsy" woman who my husband & I immediately knew was ME.

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    You are my kind of gal. Love love the the fact that people are so impressed with the Mohawk and that you have become an inspiration. I'm into outrageous jewelry, especially earnings. My friends, family and medical team tell me that can't wait to see what I'll be wearing when I see them. Loving ourselves and our bodies is always hard, I admire the fact that you are embracing who you are and the are becoming.

    almost 9 years ago

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