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Side Effects Associated with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). Posted on September 9, 2012 View this journey (11 Experiences)

Let's see, I've experienced a lot..now with some humor please, anemia (had several blood transfusions), bleeding (I was still getting my period, so after a blood transfusion I would hemerrage so they had to shut down my period, this also landed me in the hospital for a week), low platelet counts (had several platelet transfusions), allergic reaction ( to platelet transfusion), Diarrhea (due to ??, they couldnt figure it out and put me on different types of antibiotics), fatigue, fever (due to infection I got from cleaning my daughters retainers, landed me in the hospital for a week and had to continue antibiotics thru my port after I left), mouth sores, hot flashes( so much fun!!), low white blood cells(which I had to take shots for), nausea and little vomiting (gave me the best medication to stop it, would send me to sleep), hair loss (I was the very rare exception, It didnt come back after 2 years, so I had to see the dermatologist for shots in my head for about a year or so, full head now!), shortness of breath, rash face (after chemo I would look like I was sitting in the sun), skin changes (I now have vitiligo, spots all over my skin, but my face, thank god!) bruising (big black and blues all over my legs),chemo brain and memory loss ( there are alot of things and times in my life that I dont remember, it used to bother me at the beginning especially memories about my kids but now we just laugh)

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