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Celebration Associated with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). Posted on September 9, 2012 View this journey (11 Experiences)

YEAAAAAA, after the initial treatment and the 6 additional ones they decided I did not need the last 2. I was in remission and finished. I had one more procedure to do after this. I wasnt going to see the people who had been watching me every week for about a year anymore. It was a very scary moment in time. What had become a part of my life was now over. My life since then has changed so much yet has stayed the same. I went into this as an adventure. I know that sounds obscured. I was going to do this with humor, faith, hope and lots of people behind me cheering me on. I also had two young children watching me and I was going to use this as a lesson. One on never giving up no matter the odds and always having a say, on my term even if its only the decision of what color head cap I was going to wear. I have always been very spiritual and believed things in life happen for a reason and a lesson. Not because of something we did that was bad to punish but to teach us or others. I always believe if we die we are still around so I was and still am not so afraid of death. These beliefs are what kept me going. I was always very positive!! Did not want people around me who were down. In the hospital the nurses and doctors loved to come into my room because I was always happy and positive . I tried to make it as much fun as I could for my kids. We had sleepovers, movie nights, parties, and even studying for tests and homework. I was after school care so my husband could go back to work. After my treatments before I would crash, I would take my kids shopping or whatever they wanted to do, even if it ment wearing a mask..I didnt care, my way, my terms. I would suck it up no matter how crappy I felt because I was making the rules, on my terms even if it ment dying.

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