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tremors on left side

  • PaulineJ's Avatar

    Between cancer treatments and old age my hair is not the same.Even my hairdresser notices the diffirence.I use to have a lot of body. But now it's like baby hair in a sense. No tremors on my left side.Just aches and pains from age I guess.

    6 months ago
  • petieagnor's Avatar

    I looked at your profile, I can't get a handle on the information you provided, but I'm going to give it a shot. I'm on Ibrance right now for MBC. I get what I call the "herky jerkys" about 2 hours after I go to bed. It's not a tremor, but like being shook to wake someone up. Dr. has prescribed meds which didn't help, but only made things worse. I tried drinking more water as we thought I was a little dehydrated. NOPE. Only up more often going to bathroom. I usually get up, walk around, drink some water, pee, then got back to bed. This usually takes care of it. Last night was horrible. They lasted 2 hours while I sat & watched TV. I'll deal with it as long as the Ibrance is working. Oh! the Brain CT came back negative. I'm good.

    3 months ago

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