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    Radiation on neck for breast cancer.

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      I didn't respond because i have lung cancer. But, i have also had radiation to my neck where a tumor metastasized. For me, there have been absolutely no side effects except a tumor that no longer exists and some fairly severe fatigue.

      Good luck.

      5 months ago
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      One of my radiation sites for my breast cancer was also the lymph nodes above the collar bone. I was also surprised. I think the doctors get so used to saying lymph nodes, forgetting that’s we all think of them as just under our arms. This is normal, and did not add any discomfort issues with my radiation. Do talk to your doctor and ask why he mapped that area. When I asked mine was very good to explain why.

      5 months ago
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      every time I get a pet scan every three months ,my jaw glows and my tumor markers keep rising. Tumor in mouth is growing and attached to jaw. with bone cancer from breast I think only a biospy is needed but had one in 2013 and benign. Still on Ibrance and painful shots really scared of the pet scan on the 16th. had my lungs drained twice and now they want to put a drain in so I can drain it myself. All thanks to breast cancer in 1999 .Was stage 1 now 4

      4 months ago