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    Is anyone out there taking the second round of chemo, called paclataxel? If so, by the second dose did your body pain worsen...tingly, painful needle like all over??

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      Make sure you talk to your doc about all your side effects... This sounds like the beginning of neuropathy, which is a side effect of your chemo.

      Consider glutamine - you can buy it as a powder, and you put a big spoonful in water and swirl it and drink it down. There's a study that shows it helps with neuropathy and mouthsores and a few other side effects....

      This webpage has a bunch of references at the bottom....

      I used glutamine, and when I slacked off, I got far worse side effects... I quickly UNslacked off the glutamine!

      big spoonful in water (ca ten grams) three times per day.
      Also helps because you get a cup of water each time.... helps with hydration!

      Good luck!

      about 7 years ago