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    My husband had to have another transfusion today. This makes 3 in 7 weeks..............that's averaging 1 every 2 weeks now. The Dr. seems to think the Revlimed is stopping so when we see him on the 26th he will tell us what the next step is. His blood seems to drop rather quickly........today it was 7.7 and the last 2 times it was in the 7's. The hospital calls that "critical" so they really watch him during his transfusion.
    He has gained 2 lbs and that is a good thing, I contribute that to the Boost and Ensure he is having to drink because he doesn't eat a lot of real food.
    He feels lousy and sleeps alot. Bless his heart, his quality of life is just so awful anymore and he gets so frustrated.
    Does anyone know what comes after the Revlimed? He has tried Vidaza and it didn't work at all................

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      Hi Babygirl, sorry I missed this when you posted. I have been in the hospital myself the last week. First I'm sorry he's having troubles. Second please post this as a question on the questions board for everyone to see. Here, as a status update only those who follow you will see it and you don't get many answers. I can't help you with this since I haven't had that drug. Repost and see what answers you get.

      about 7 years ago
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    We went to MD Anderson in Houston for a 2nd opinion.......last week we saw an Oncologist, today we saw a Thoracic Surgeon. In both their opinions, the lung cancer is GONE!!! There is some scar tissue but they said there is nothing to do except watch every 6 months with a scan so that if it comes back they can catch it.
    It is amazing to us that one doctor can give you 1 - 2 years and say there is nothing can be done........and 2 others say it is gone!! How does that happen???
    The prostate cancer is being controlled with hormone shots every 6 months and the MDS is being treated with Revlimed (a chemo capsule) that he takes every day.
    One cancer down and 2 go go!!!

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      Well, let's see...... if you think about it SOMEBODY just makes the cut in Med School. UPPER THIRD~ LOWER THIRD see? I know about 2nd opinions. SCARY huh????

      over 7 years ago
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      It is scarey!! How do we know who to believe?? They had us and our children believing that he would probably be dead in a year or so.....they even had him on palliative care! Now......we're told the cancer is completely gone...........that is what we are going with.........the opinion of MD Anderson and their 2 doctors.......!!

      over 7 years ago