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    Beckihh53 asked a questionOvarian and Fallopian Tube Cancer


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      Hi Beckihh53 ... I'm not the person you really want to hear from, but I got carbo, Avastin, and Alimta for my lung cancer. It made me really sick. I moved from there to a clinical trial for what ended up being Opdivo (a cousin to Keytruda). I was on Opdivo for almost 6 years. There was all of the difference in the world between carbo, etc. and Opdivo!! I pretty much got my life back with the Opdivo. I started developing side effects a couple of months or so ago so am not getting treated at this moment ... but Opdivo and I had a nice run. It worked well for my lung cancer (kept it stable - didn't make it go away, unfortunately). I hope and pray you have the same effects.

      14 days ago
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      Hi there. I am glad your treatments with Keytruda seem to be working well for you. I was aware that Keytruda was an immunotherapy medication used to treat melanoma and some types of lung cancer but was unaware it was being used in regards to ovarian cancer. Thanks for sharing . I hope this treatment continues to work well for you and you surprise with very good results when your CA125 is tested.

      13 days ago
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      Thanks to “livewithcancer” and Lynne-I-am for your responses. I know that my cancer will never go away. I also have lynch syndrome which is genetic. I was adopted so I have no family back ground. I will find out on Monday where my #s are....❤️❤️

      13 days ago