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    Have you found that you have continuity of care and does that make your "journey" easier to navigate?

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      These letters are the Dear John letters of the medical field.l have received numerous such letters these past several years. Most recently, my gastroenterologist informed me , because of family matters, he was leaving his practice and moving back East. I have been seen by four different oncologists since my diagnosis in 2013. My original gynecologist oncologist and the one who performed my surgery and ordered my chemo treatments, received a promotion to head up a department in a different hospital miles away and you can not fault him for accepting that- he certainly deserved it. Gone for the most part are the days of Dr. Welby MD , a television series about a doctor who on occasion made house calls and knew his regular patients inside out. One of the sad realities of modern medicine is the lack of continuity of care, it is here to stay. This is why we as patients have to double check everything, get second opinions , and learn to be more assertive and diligent when it comes to overseeing our medical care. To answer your question- no, it does not make things easier to navigate.

      3 months ago
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      legaljen 1969, Yes, the oncology cardiologist is who they use at my breast center. I also see an oncodermatologist. She has been great for my hand/foot syndrome from chemo.

      3 months ago
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      I just finished talking to my cancer center in Tampa. They do have an oncology cardiologist dept but it seems that my having a need for a new heart valve in Oct. 2020, 5 years after breast radiation, cannot be directly attiributed to the radiation. I have been having "tired leg" syndrome when walking any distance so I thought maybe I could get into the onc cardio dept, Will have to wait til next month when I go to Tampa for my annual mammo and talk to a Dr. then. MLT thanks for enlightening up to the fact there is such a medical team.

      3 months ago