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    Hello, I hope in no way to intrude or insult anyone, but I haven't been diagnosed with vaginal cancer but I had a few tests with regards to uterine cancer and ovarian cancer but the tests luckily for me turned out negative with regards to cancer. However, I remember being terrified and not knowing much about the said cancers. What also scared me was that I am young -33yrs old, but i know that there are a small percentage of women my age who have been diagnosed with cancer. So my reason for joining the site is that i want to learn more about said cancers and also I want to write a screenplay based on a young character in her early 40s who has been diagnosed with uterine or ovarian cancers and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in educating me and also telling me their experiences. Also, if you feel uncomfortable with me being on this website, I understand and will sign off it. Thank you.

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      Hi Bizzlizz,
      I'm not sure if you want to do the screenplay as entertainment or education. I know education can be entertaining and I would be delighted to give you information about my circumstances if you are doing this to help others deal with their diagnosis and also to educate them about cancer causes, especially HPV. If you look it up either here or on other cancer discussion groups, you will find that the struggle with HPV and its associated cancers is a frustrating and daunting experience affecting about 3/4 of the American population with only a small percentage of doctors who are informed enough about it's implications to give good patient care. Dr. Oz recently had a group of women on his program who were willing to stand up and be the faces of HPV. Since it is considered an STD, so many women are held back by the stigma and ashamed to seek help. Diagnostics are limited to only those with abnormal pap smears with treatment focused solely on the obvious. And I can go on and on. So, with that in mind, what is your motivation?

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