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    Was diagnosed a year ago. Had bilateral mastectomy no chemo or rads. I take arimidex. There are some people that think its not a big deal because I did not do chemo or rads? . What do you tell these people? I don't think they realize how tough it was to make the decision to have double mastectomy. I sometimes feel guilty because I did not have to have chemo or rads and others did. Would you say you are a survivor or have cancer?

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      I think people mean well, but sometimes their comments are off base. Because breast cancer is so common, everyone has a story, either of their own or from their aunt or their grandmother. You now have your own story and it is one of survival. Hooray for you! I am so glad you didn't have to undergo other treatment! Rejoice in that and do not feel guilty for one more second! Unless someone has undergone a bi-lateral mastectomy, he/she has no idea what that entails, and furthermore, every case is unique. You are certainly a survivor. Of that you can be proud :-)

      about 9 years ago