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    How is that the insurance companies are allowed to "bully" patients . . . I have been fighting stage 4 colon cancer without a break since May 2010 and without exagerration I would estimate that 50% of my surgeries, treatments and/or medications are initially met by denial from Blue Cross Blue Shield of NJ. My current bout includes denial of CyberKnife for treatment of tumor on my spine . . . denial reason was that CyberKnife "does not provide any medical advantage of traditional radiation therapy". HOWEVER, CyberKnife can treat the diseased bone in my spine without contact to my spinal chord . . . Cyber Knife advantage # 1 = reduced risk of complications including paralysis. Cyberknife advantage # 2 - traditional therapy to the affected areas at this point would render any future radiation treatment to that area impossible as I will have had maximum allowed radiation exposure to the spinal chord.
    OK so I'm not a Doctor but WOW, this seems pretty straight forward . . . traditional radiation increases risk of paralysis and renders possiblity of future treatment to that area impossible . . . Is it me or does that sound like a pretty distinct advatage.

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