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    I just saw my dermatologist today and both biopsies came back as cancerous. I still can't quite believe this is even happening. It worried more when the Dr. stated that the Basal Cell skin cancer I have on my forehead is agressive. Is this a common term ? He went from saying he could do it in the office to both areas must be done in a hospitol and by a plastic surgeon. I don't even know when any of this will start or if they do more than surgery. Friends have asked today and I have no idea since nothing else was said and I was pretty upset hearing what I feared. Cancer to me seems like such an ugly aweful word. Just hearing the word cancer scares me since i have known so many people who have died from cancer and only a couple that have survived. I know it sounds bad but I think i'm more freaked out about cancer on my face then on the side of my breast which is bad enough. People see my face a lot more than the other area. Just in the last week since the biopsi people talking to me are now starring at my forehead. It just made me so uncomfortable and made me just want to hide in the house.