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    Radiation experience

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      Kb2013, I do have a question or two. You said you had 10 brain Mets.all at once or more than once. Were they treated with radiation. Do you have ongoing side effects? Thanks

      Live with cancer. I don’t think I’m having cyberknife. I’m just having radiation to the brain. I’m not sure what the difference is. I’m just doing what my oncologist and the radiation oncologist recommend. It’s just one session on Thursday. These folks haven’t steered me wrong yet. Thanks for the prayers. How is Robert doing?

      5 months ago
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      Ten mets over a five year period. Had GammaKnife. Masks are used for whole brain radiation, mine were targeted individually.

      5 months ago
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      @Dianem, I'll be praying extra hard on Thursday!

      You're taking the same attitude as I have with the spot they found on my lung on the last scan. My oncologist suggested waiting and watching. He asked if I trusted him and I told him I wouldn't be here without him so I trust him to not to steer me wrong.

      Robert is doing better. We finally have three different therapists coming 2X a week to work with him. Hopefully, his balance will get a lot better (he was having significant issues even before the stroke) and his other issues will improve, too, over time. It is not a great situation, but could have been so, so much worse!!!! Thanks for asking!

      5 months ago