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      I think that some people, in a lot of professions, get to the point where they forget what it's like to be the patient, they forget how to be compassionate, they take us for granted, and in a lot of cases, they are just riding their job out into the sunset.

      Sometimes it takes a good reality check for them to snap back to being the caring doctor that they probably started out to be. The healthcare system we currently have is partly responsible where clinics, doctors, and hospitals are forced to run us through like cattle getting our shots, in order to be profitable.

      I guess the ways to be profitable don't include being empathetic, compassionate, and kind.

      10 days ago
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      I will be writing a letter to the Hospital he is affiliated with. This needs to be in their face as an improper way to treat us. Profit is exactly what this is all about.

      10 days ago
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      Your PCP is your first line of defense with health concerns. My PCP was the one who ordered all the imaging and biopsies for my cancer diagnosis even though I had a clear mammogram 6 months earlier and a clear mammogram when I went in for breast pain. She then ordered an ultrasound which found the small breast tumor and then an MRI which showed the mass in my lymph nodes and my thyroid cancer. Most breast cancer does not present as pain and swelling. The breast pain did respond to antibiotics but she didn’t give up. I’d be dead now if it wasn’t for her because many doctors would have taken mammogram results and said that it was just an infection. Get a new PCP who listens and explains the situation. Thankfully you got a referral.
      I have lots of skin issues since I finished treatment but my dermo was able to tell me exactly what it was and why there was no medical reason to treat some and why others needed to be removed.

      9 days ago