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    TNBC Cranial Pain

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      My scalp was very tender during hair loss. It also seems to be tender around the same time after each chemo treatment. I tried some different things topical things to relieve the pain. I now use Copaiba (the brand I use is doTerra) essential oil, a few drops in the morning on my scalp after my shower. It is also called Copaifera.

      5 months ago
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      My scalp gets very sore each time I lose my hair. I use a shampoo that has tea tree and peppermint oils. Sometimes the hair follicles get infected, then I use Triacynolone cream, perscription. Right now it is teasing me again, seem to lose it every 6 mths, but I have been on the same chemo for a year.

      5 months ago
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      Hi Dori. Sorry to hear of all you discomfort. I also got sores. The oncologist said it was the Ph level in my body from the Taxol. He recommended shampooing with Head & Shoulders using the travel size since I wouldn't need much since I didn't have any hair. It worked. I've lost my hair 3 times & this has happened with other drugs. I don't remember suffering as much as being aggravated. I did get a burr so there was no pulling of the hair. Good luck with all of the suggestions.

      5 months ago