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    Hi, my mom has lung cancer and I am her primary caregiver. Does anyone know if there is financial assistance for me as her caregiver? I checked to see and the ones I have seen is for patients with low incomes, we do not qualify for those.. but I have had to quit my job and am in a tight bind financially. Any help would be great and very much appreciated. thanks

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      Hi - I am glad you asked this important question, and I am going to recommend that you also post it in our Questions section.

      You can do this by clicking on the "Ask Network" link on your logged in home page or the "Questions" link at the top of this page. When you post needs/questions using our question feature, we route your question to everyone in the network who might be able to help.

      Another thing you can do is contact the American Cancer Society at the phone number listed at the bottom of this page.

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      about 9 years ago