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    Is Yervoy working?

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      Over 32 years and 5 diagnosis i have not been told i needed Yervoy. However. Most new drugs are developed with one type of cancer in mind. So I don't have any help for you here.

      These two have good information for you. All of us on the team here at Whatnext.com wish you the best.

      12 days ago
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      My keyboard was acting up yesterday. I also meant to say that your oncologist should have plan B, C and D at the ready. That's just how the vast majority of cancer treatment is. If you have tried the most likely to succeed drugs to no avail, then a clinical trial makes perfect sense.

      11 days ago
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      According to the Optivo site, the combination of Optivo and Yervoy can have serious side effects. I suppose you can have a complete blood count to see what is happening. Make sure your doctor knows all supplements, medications, and treatments that may interact. You may want to invest in ordering a keto kit and oximeter to measure ketones, oxygen levels, and heart rate. I saw eye adverse effects in the description of the drug. You may want to have your eyes checked. At the end of my chemo, my intraocular pressure (IOP) was extremely high from a history of controlled glaucoma.

      8 days ago