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    When you were diagnosed what were some of the things that first went through your mind?

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      I can't have cancer, I have to much going on!

      5 days ago
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      Do I have to get all my affairs in order? Then I cried

      5 days ago
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      Mostly, I resolved to keep on living my life as much as I possibly could - it was a struggle sometimes to carry on with favorite activities and sometimes I was so tired that it took every bit of strength I had just to walk to the car so my husband could drive me home, but I was determined to not let cancer steal away my life until I breathed my last breath.

      And, I thought, "Okay, Lord, here we go... It's in Your hands. Your will be done."

      My dad had died of the exact same cancer some years earlier ... and my mom is a worry-wart as was our son. So, just about the first thing my husband and I did was resolve to put a positive spin on my cancer ... "yes, I have been diagnosed with lung cancer, but it's going to be okay ... don't worry." Since that was the spin we decided to put on my diagnosis, I then set about living that attitude so that they wouldn't worry quite as much.

      On the other hand, I started cleaning out closets and trying to get things in a little better order so that when I died (which I fully expected to do in six months, just like my dad had), my family would have an easier time cleaning out my junk.

      about 3 hours ago
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    October is Health Lung Month