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    Has anyone tried soaking hands and feet in ice water during treatments to help avoid neuropathy?

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      I used frozen mitts and booties during my 12 cycles of taxol. I followed the protocol described in the study, Effects of Cryotherapy on Objective and Subjective Symptoms of Paclitaxel-Induced Neuropathy: Prospective Self-Controlled Trial, https://academic.oup.com/jnci/article/110/2/141/4443215. Of course, unlike the experimental protocol, I treated both my left and right sides.

      I develop NO symptoms of neuropathy whatsoever. It was inconvenient to do, and quite uncomfortable, but well worth the bother, in my opinion. I hope that cancer treatment centers begin to offer this option to all of their patients who must take neurotoxic chemotherapy preparations.

      My top notch treatment center did not offer this, and I had to do my own research on the topic. I'm glad that I did. If anyone is interested in additional details on the mitts and booties and other details of my self treatment, I will be more than happy to provide further description.

      It's bad enough to have cancer. To have to develop neuropathy on top of it seems especially cruel. My heartfelt sympathy to all who suffer from it.

      1 day ago
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      It works! - I have just finished the 3rd out of 6 carbo/taxol treatments (every 3 weeks), and so far, no neuropathy for me.

      My chemo lasts 4-5 hours, so I use the long lasting cryomax cold packs, starting 15 minutes before and ending 15 min. after the chemo drugs. I use 2 medium sized packs for each hand and 1 large T - shaped pack for each foot- doubled over the toe like a slipper. They also make a 12” square that would work. These come with a fabric cover to prevent skin damage.

      I use insulated reusable lunch bags/ totes around the cold packs on each limb to keep them cooler longer and to keep cool before use. Nylon straps used for camping or packing are useful to hold the foot totes so they don’t slide off the chair.
      A few small frozen water bottles will give extra insurance in case you start to thaw too soon.

      Check hands and feet periodically to prevent frostbite, especially if you already have trouble feeling cold due to neuropathy.

      I really didn’t find this too unpleasant- you get used to it after about 15 min. You should have warm clothes and a blanket. My chemo center did not supply ice, but they DID supply heated blankets!

      about 21 hours ago
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      This is the first I'm hearing of this treatment. I don't know if my husband would have tried it or not. He didn't know neuropathy was a possible side effect of his cisplatin cocktail treatment. I did but kept it to myself. He does get sharp shooting pain his his right foot-especially his big toe-but that is the one affected by his stroke so we don't know what's what.

      17 minutes ago
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