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    Cancer looks different on all of us, just like a new outfit.

    Unless someone can look
    into the core of your heart
    and see the degree of your passion,
    or look into the depth of your soul
    and see the extent of your will,
    then they have no business telling you
    what you can or cannot overcome.
    Because while they may know the odds,
    they do not know you.
    ~ Sandra King

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      Thanks, Greg - great quote!

      29 days ago
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      Thanks so much. I really needed to read this. This reminded me of my PCP who said I was pre-diabetic. Wrote me 5 scripts in 2008. I asked questions, but the bottom line from him was "NO one follows the diet or does what they should". I made up my mind I wasn't going to be diabetic. I'm still pre-diabetic w/o medication even with cancer.

      1 day ago
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    Day one for the next chapter of this roller coaster ride is in the books. We got up there to Vanderbilt at 12 for me to get my injection of the "glow juice" to make those abnormal cells show up on the scan. Right off the bat I get a rookie who can't hit two giant fat veins in my arms that I save for after I've already been stuck a time or two. She missed both of them and went for back up. This one has been around the exam room a time or two because she hit it first try and I barely knew she had stuck me.

    I sat in my little holding room for an hour to let the juice flow through me and make me glow, fell asleep and took a little nap.

    I had the scan and aside from the fact that I can't lay down or get up without extreme pain in my neck from these nerves pulling on me, it went OK.

    After that we went across the street to the covid testing pod they have set up in a section of the parking garage. This, after I was told by the girls in the PET Scan room that there were no tests being given on the campus, I had to go across town to one of Vandy's remote clinics. She even called the lab and they didn't know about the testing being done there on campus.

    At this little test, I thought it would be about like a DNA test where they stick a swab in a rub it a little and pull it out. I didn't know it would be 4' long sword, (true story, I saw it). She told me it would hurt and I wondered why, as the pain started seeing my sinus cavity. Oh, well, it's done and I should be clear for surgery on Wednesday.

    If you haven't read my blog post about my thoughts leading up to this surgery and wondering how things are going to go, take a look at it here>> https://bit.ly/2yLqZuE

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      You think you got it bad--try getting blood from skinny, little veins :)

      21 days ago
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      Thank you for the update. As beachbum said, I'm glad this step is behind you. Looking forward to the best possible news after surgery. Hang in there, friend.

      21 days ago
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      Me, Donna, and her sister are in Nashville tonight so we didn't have to get up at 3 in the morning and drive up. You can look out of our window and see Vandy. When I looked out, there happened to be a Vandy Life Flight helicopter landing on top. No matter how bad you think your day has been it's not as bad as the person in that helicopter.

      There's always, always something to be thankful for.

      21 days ago