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    If you should get a message or post on your wall from someone who is offering advice that is wrapped around a product that they are selling, please let me know. I will not let people come here and peddle their wares. You can always tell what they are when you click on a link that they say saved their life, and for $29.95 you too can be saved.

    Thanks for your help in watching out for these, I just nuked "TheHerbDoctor". I have a twitchy trigger finger.

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    Fear has two meanings:

    "Forget Everything and Run"
    "Face Everything an Rise"

    Which are you?

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      This is what I'm facing all my life>"Face Everything an Rise"
      Lots of times I wish I could > "Forget Everything and Run" ,but can't,

      10 days ago
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      I'm more of a curl up in a black hole & disappear girl myself!! But otherwide depends on which day it is!

      10 days ago
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      I guess I have Forget Everything and ????. Because when things come up in my life, I immediately go into denial then procrastination
      I believe my life motto is that famous line from "Gone With The Wind" "I'll think about it tomorrow"

      10 days ago