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    Blood Transfusion

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      I felt better after mine. And transfusions are very common with cancer treatments. The chemo really causes havoc with the blood cells and sometimes a blood transfusion is what is needed to build things up again. I had three during treatments.
      This is why blood donation is so important. My husband and son give blood regularly. My husband is a universal donor so he gives every 8 weeks. Hugs.

      5 months ago
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      A friend's mother had leukemia (I'm not sure which one). Periodically she had blood transfusions and always felt rejuvenated afterwards, with much more stamina. Wishing your wife a good result.

      5 months ago
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      OK, I have much experience with this. Severe anemia during chemo. My doctor usually ordered 2 units of blood. I could tell a difference after the 1st unit finished. I would feel somewhat better day one. It took a couple days to feel the entire impact. Remember chemo by itself will cause fatigue so blood transfusions will not make you feel like you did before chemo. It definitely helps. For example I would feel short of breath on taking a short walk before I received blood, no shortness of breath after. I hope this helps.

      5 months ago