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    finger nails

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      Is she receiving an anthracycline-based regimen such as CHOP, R-CHOP or CHOEP? Those are old-line therapies that, unfortunately do not discriminate in the cells they kill. Since hair cells, including nails, divide rapidly, they are also affected by the therapy. I suppose that she could immerse her fingertips in cold water during treatment and after, but that could be quite inconvenient, if not uncomfortable. They will grow back once treatment stops, but may be permanently changed.

      6 months ago
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      I have a completely different kind of treatment, but since I was diagnosed with cancer, my fingernails have given me fits. I never lost them, but they are so dry and brittle and they break for no apparent reason far below the quick.

      I do know that too many people completely lose their fingernails due to treatment.

      6 months ago
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      I was told I would lose my nails but I didn’t. However, I have the same issues as Livewith.

      5 months ago