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    Lymph nodes showing up on a CT scan and the doctor says they are "nothing"?

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      Cold and flu season is still here (remember those?). Anyway, the location of those nodes might make a difference. How long since last scan? Was your CRC localized, or had it spread? And, what does he mean by nodes showing up?

      What I'm thinking: First, call for a more detailed explanation. If no good, call for another doctor - at another facility. It's your life and you are your own advocate.

      2 months ago
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      Hello, I am an oncology nurse and there are many reasons why you might see a lymph node on a CT scan. They are the garbage bins of the immune system. Whenever anything foreign is found in the body they are brought to the lymph nodes and marked for destruction so @po18guy is correct in that the flu season is winding down. There are many bacteria in the gut and abdomen that could have caused this. If you are concerned, request a PET scan to rule out any progression. Best of luck to you

      2 months ago
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      11 years ago my PCP was consulted about a couple of lymph nodes that swelled up in my neck. From my previous diagnoses, I knew that the definitive answer for it was going to come from a needle biopsy. I asked for one then, that day. He said, "no, we need a CT scan, that will tell me all I need to know about it". My insurance won't pay for an outpatient CT Scan, so, after wasting about 4500.00 the results came back as non-impressive, or something like that. And "nothing to worry about. But I wanted more, so Next, we did the needle biopsy that I wanted to start with, that confirmed squamous cell carcinoma. All doctors are not created equal, some were top of their class and go-getters, brilliant young doctors, others were just their because their parents made them go to be a doctor and they finished at the bottom of the class. I've had both, but I will no longer put up with the latter.

      2 months ago