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    What happened to my "journey" stuff by my avatar? I don't think I'm doing this site right!

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      Hi - it looks like you may have registered the same journey twice. No worries, it happens. If you click the diagnosis box right by where the journey is, click on the second "lung cancer" and you'll see your journey is still there.

      You can delete the duplicate diagnoses by clicking on the "Add Experience" link to the right of your picture. This will take you to a page where you can edit your journey. Below the journey icons you will see two links: "Edit Diagnosis Profile" and "Delete Diagnosis Profile". VERY IMPORTANT. Make sure the diagnosis you want to delete is being displayed above and then click the "Delete Diagnosis Profile". This should take care of it.

      If not, please let us know at contactus (at) what next (dot) come.


      about 9 years ago
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    It's a new year, and yes, 2012 must be better, although I try my damnedest to BE HERE NOW. Got a new kitty on Friday - life-affirming? Time is the great healer - day by day. First big followup is 2-1-2012 and I will admit to being anxious about that. So much for staying in the present!