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    I was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer, while 4 years before i had a hysterectomy. I had no idea how this could happen, but it did. After that they called it interperitinal cancer. I was treated with operations, chemo cisplatin in my stomach every 3 weeks, taxol and carboplatin i remember to be every week. I had a hard time, but that was 2004. There are no symptoms for ovarian cancer, except bloating which most women have. I urge you to get a ca125 blood test instead of pap test every year, and do not take hormones so you don't suffer through the change, i truly believe the hormones was why i got cancer. I had two great doctors, Sloan Kettering I had Dr. Bereket,( i hope i did not butcher his name), then Dr. Robert Holloway in Orlando, two amazing doctors. I wish we would all contact legislators because there have not been many strides in ovarian cancer in over 30 years.....I am cancer free for 8 years now and doing great..