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    John Berry, the singer, has tonsil cancer

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      Yes it is. Unusual for it to be in both tonsils. His singing is probably over. I can barely talk these days.

      about 1 month ago
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    Texas Court Strikes Down Affordable Care Act

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      BarbarainBham: I was on Medicare twenty plus years being totally disabled. Medicare approval process is simple if you are reasonably healthy and can get by with standard of care but, not for those like me who have orphan diseases. Today, thanks to electronic med recs, all the coding and pre-auths, doctors everywhere are overwhelmed and many have quit medicine altogether. Under Medicare, gov, not the physicians involved, are making medical the decisions. I am aware the doctors can protest so to speak and argue 'til they are blue in the face but, they seldom win against the Fed machine. Medicare tells docs the procedure is to go by standard of care for a period of time, REGARDLESS how many occasions previously the pt was forced to endure these useless attempts. If the ACA is a good thing, then Pelosi and all those who shoved it down everyones throats should be required to use it for themselves. While the ACA helped roughly 11mil previously uninsured, multitudes more LOST coverage. This is a sore subject for me but, maybe another lifetime resident of hospital rooms who was at the mercy of gov care can explain it better.

      2 months ago
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      An elderly friend of mine called me crying recently. She was at the hospital with her very ill husband. He had a catheter and IV. The nurses told her the doctor was going to send her husband home and they had to teach her how to take care of him. She was terrified. I told her when the doctor comes in and says he is to be discharged reach across the bed and grab his hand, look him in the eyes, and say "are you discharging him because he's well enough to go home or because he's a medicare patient?". She did it and the doctor sighed and agreed he wasn't really well enough to go home.

      A single-payer system would be a disaster. I don't think the ACA as it was originally written is the answer either. I think it needs to continually evolve in order to provide the most benefit to the most people.

      2 months ago
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      rene2, if it's not too late, your friend's husband could be discharged to a nursing home paid for by Medicare, assuming he had a 3-day stay in the hospital. When the Medicare benefits run out, Medicaid could be applied for. If he's a veteran, they should contact the VA.

      Yes, a single payor system would break the country. Individuals have to take some responsibility for themselves.

      2 months ago
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    Do holiday recipes bring back fond memories?

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      Christmas means so many things for different people but I think universal kindness, understanding and love should rise to the top always. The "Santa Sacks" that Greg mentioned were done by our church and I always loved to get tone of them. We never had a lot in terms of money or material things growing up, but my Mom loved to cook at Christmas and you could taste the love in all of it. She seemed super happy in that kitchen humming away as she cooked. As kids we made a lot of our decorations for the tree. My mother held on to a tin-foil wrapped cardboard cut-out star that topped our tree every year. I didn't appreciate what that meant until I was older. One other sweet memory is about my dad. He would bring home a bag of orange slice candy and Brazil nuts and walnuts. We made such a mess trying to crack those nuts. I didn't like the orange slices then, but I love them now and always think of him when I see them.

      3 months ago
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      How about an aluminum turkey roaster made out of a B-24 bomber after the War? and a solid Maple rolling pin? both from 1947, maybe 1948. As far as cooking, my mom was one of the worst cooks in America. My dad taught us how to cook for the sake of our survival through adulthood.

      3 months ago
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      Christmas Eve was the 29th year of my mom’s passing. But we still make her stuffing every year. All my cousins all have the recipes for the years I can’t make it. I even passed it on to my daughter in law who lives in KC. She wanted my son to be able to have some since it is his favorite holiday dish. They took it to their family gathering and now it has become a tradition for her family. I told her I passed the torch. She said she gave it to all our aunts, cousins etc. I can’t help but think it makes my mom smile in heaven. Her stuffing has made it all the way to KC.

      3 months ago