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    Jayne asked a questionColorectal (Colon) Cancer

    Primary care doc

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      Jayne - I had to look up LARS to understand. What about an Gastroenterologist? Wouldn't he/she be better versed than a Primary? Only a thought.

      4 days ago
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      A pelvic floor physical therapist might be able to help you with exercises for your sphincter muscles. However, if you had pelvic radiation for rectal cancer, the radiation damage is probably the cause of LARS. I have a permanent colostomy because my tumor was quite low and I had radiation. Best wishes.

      4 days ago
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      As @JaneA mentioned, pelvic floor therapy can be extremely helpful. I did not have colorectal cancer; however what I did have was a very large fast growing lymphoma on one of my kidneys which became enlarged and caused me to be practically incontinent during my treatment. My GYN told me about pelvic floor therapy and it made a huge difference for me. It's simple and quick and last about 8 weeks or so, depending on your issues and it includes both vaginal and rectal exercises. It is covered by Medicare so many insurance plans cover it as well.

      4 days ago