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    I recently had an MRI because, even after I was declared cancer-free and after my final surgery, I am having a lot of pain when I have bowel movements. I had a sigmoidoscopy where my doctor found considerable radiation damage to my rectum. She also wanted me to have an MRI to check for other problems. She found a small abscess around the surgery site - about a centimeter. I'm not having any fevers to suggest infection, but she still wants me to see the Infectious Diseases doctor just to be sure. She also prescribed Flagyl and Omnicef which make my diarrhea that much worse.

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      Sorry your having trouble. This is just another example of how you can get done with treatments, surgery, etc and think you have it beat and some stupid little problem pops up just to remind you that cancer's not done with you yet.
      Hope you get it fixed up and can move on.

      about 9 years ago