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    oncotype dx score

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      I agree. Don't get hung up on nunbers. They can lead to all kinds of unneeded stress. Just concentrate on getting through treatment.

      14 days ago
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      My Oncotype score was in the fifties and I too had a grade 3 tumor. Because of that chemo was a must. It has now been 5 years since the surgery, 41/2 since chemo and rads. I worry about recurrence because of the grade 3 and because I was barely ER+. (They tested the tumor several times and several ways to finally get an ER positive, but Oncotype said that I wasn't ER+ at all. Probably the reason for that high of a score.) I am on Tamoxifen as I couldn't tolerate the AIs and I have an MRI and 3-D mammogram alternating every 6 months. There is probably a greater chance of recurrence than for some, but still the chance of non-recurrence is much greater than the chance of recurrence. I hang onto that when every little breast pain sets off alarm bells in my head.

      14 days ago
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      Definitely don't get too hung up on the numbers. I got a little obsessed about it for awhile until my oncologist talked to me about the fact that there are so many little factors that go into making that number and he knew I was prone to overthinking. I really do trust my oncologist and he always has a way of making things less scary than I think they are.

      12 days ago