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    cancer antigen test

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      Hi Kimba,
      I self-pay my naturopath MD who suggested we run markers CA 27.29 & CEA to monitor recurrence. My markers steadily increased over the course of 3 months from 20 post mastectomy, to 36, 42 then 47. Consequently, I demanded my onc run scans as my treatment center also does not run markers because..."The American Cancer Society doesn't recommend them, they are unreliable, etc..." PET scan revealed a metastatic lesion in my internal mammary lymph node with soft tissue involvement. In some instances these markers are reliable. My recommendation would be to continue to research and advocate for yourself and not solely rely on what you are told by your onc. Unfortunately treatment of this disease isn't an exact science and we all are different so what applies to some doesn't necessarily apply to all.

      5 months ago
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      thank you all for answers will be doing more research test again on friday making a list of question . its so nice to have someone to ask questions thanks sometimes we worry to much

      5 months ago
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      kimba9584, I hope you have good test results, even if the test isn’t reliable. Yes, we sure worry too much!

      5 months ago