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    Kp2018 asked a questionBreast Cancer

    What words do you use to describe your experience with cancer?

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      I like all the responses here. im with PaulineJ, Go with the flow. I don't feel or think its a battle.. it's part of life. some people get a DX and some don't.. I've been thur 2 marriages, 2 divorces,, raised 2 girls, now there's the battles!!! lol..
      It's not like im not concerned about having Stage 4 metasitic breast cancer,, but so many other things , i'm dealing with in my life also.
      I go my treatments,, and hope for 3 good weeks,,, go back and get another treatment,, right now that's my situation. Herceptin and Perjeta treatments now,, had chemo last year.
      Looking forward to no more treatments..
      Good Luck to all.
      I just think that right now,, it's a "bump in the road"

      about 5 hours ago
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      junie1 Some of us have tough lives and sometimes never ends.But like you say it's life.Too difficult to explain the life Ive had other then medically.But it does include marriages,divorces children ,grandchildren great grandchildren and siblings (family},etc.But with God's Grace I'm still here.He's got me through it as difficult as it is.And I believe it will be worth the suffering when I go Home to live with my Saviour.He suffered more than we ever did by taken our place dying on the cross for our sins. 1 Cor.15:1-4 and Romans 3:25 Rev.22:20

      about 4 hours ago
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      A long fall down a flight of stairs, Catching your breath at each landing only to tip over into another flight down. Learning to cover yourself from the inevitable lumps and bruises, nodding to those who help you along the way. Hoping to be standing at the bottom bruised but unbroken, but knowing that the end of the fall may mean never falling again.

      about 3 hours ago