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    3 days after my surgery and doing good. Bandages came off today for the first time. I'm nervous about treatment and what comes next. My husband and kids seem to be in denial but I'm really concerned. I have the worst type of cancer, fast spreading, (not hormone receptive) don't know yet about my lymph nodes.
    Any advice of how to get through this and "keep a stiff upper lift" as my mother in law says?

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      Hi Lori, Good to hear you are doing ok after surgery. I think your concern about keeping a stiff upper lip is a good one, and you'll get some greg feedback if you also pot it in the Questions section. You can do this by clicking on the "Ask Network" link on your logged in home page or the "Questions" link at the top of this page. When you post needs/questions using our question feature, we route your question to everyone in the network who might be able to help. Also, know you can use the "Update" feature on the site to keep anyone who might be following you on WhatNext up to date.

      about 9 years ago