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    I'm still getting accustomed to having lung cancer. For those that have it, do people always look at you like you have the plague?

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      The kind of cancer I have is associated with drinking alchohol. I have had people ask me where did I go for the cure, and when I told them about the innovative surgery, they said no how did you get over your alchoholism.

      5 months ago
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      I think any cancer/disease is sometimes met with, it must have been something you did wrong.

      5 months ago
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      I was at the crematorium with my daughter-in-law the other day. I was late for the appointment because, try as they did, the cancer clinic couldn't get me finished with my treatment fast enough.

      I mentioned being at the doctor and how had they had tried to expedite everything. The funeral director asked what was wrong with me.

      I told him I had lung cancer. "Oh," he said. "A smoker."

      I told him that I don't smoke (now) and that it was wrong to jump to those conclusions and even worse to voice them. He changed his tune and began talking about how many clients (??? What is a person who is cremated called?) were young and nonsmokers when they passed from lung cancer.

      So, if he knows that, why would he voice an assumption about my cancer. What would have been wrong with a simple, "I am sorry."

      The stigma is horrible. And not getting any better and is killing people because (1) doctors buy into the stigma and misdiagnose, (2) there is not enough funding for better research, (3) there isn't the needed awareness among the general population so they feel safe from the number one cancer killer because they didn't smoke.

      5 months ago