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    As I have researched and researched my Melanoma Dx and alot of emotions come to a head. I have been told by several people I have come across in the medical field that my doctor is one of the best around my area. A story was even done about him in Business People Magazine. However....I feel lost. He may be a great clinician but his bedside manner is less that ok. I have been left with several questions and I have been given little information from him himself. After my pathology came back negative for my sentinal node biopsy, I feel as though I have been pushed to the side. I was told to come back every 4 months for 5 years....but I was never told what he would be doing to check me every 4 months. Sentinal Node Biopsy can have a false negative result..so tell me what is my doctor gonna be doing to me every 4 months to make sure it hasnt come back? Why do I feel like an account instead of a patient?