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    Marji asked a questionBreast Cancer


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      Hi Marji,
      Survey opportunities are automatically sent to anyone on the site that has their diagnosis listed on their homepage, for any survey that fits your diagnosis type. Just keep a watch on your email and when something comes available you will be sent an invitation. Thanks for being with us and we hope you're doing well.

      On a side note: For everyone that is registered here, if you don't have a diagnosis listed in your homepage profile we cannot send you invitations to participate in these paid surveys. If you would like that opportunity, add your diagnosis to your profile.
      Here is a video that shows you how to do that: https://youtu.be/1rzm_SHjB2Q

      5 months ago
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      I guess I still don't know how to add another diagnosis? I would like to add. Breast cancer with mets to bones and nodes.

      5 months ago