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    With a prostate gleason "7" score and a nodule according to a DRE am I taking a risk by being on "active surveillance" and not selecting any "local treatment"? My full body bone scan showed no evidence of the cancer being in my bones. The MRI showed no evidence of the cancer being in the seminal vesicles, but that there was lots of "PIN" in the apex and one side of the gland from the biopsy had a nodule and that my stage was, according to the "Partin tables" a stage 2b. I have reasonably okay functions in all three male areas in the pelvic floor. Why disturb and damage the area by intervening with either radiation (external beam) or have a RP. I have been in this mode for about 10 months. My PSA has not doubled in 3 years but is now at a 8.8. It took 3 years for it to double in the past three years. Also, how soon should more imaging be done. Any thoughts by anyone who has a similar situation. I may do another "biopsy" in November. Does anyone know which treatment is superior - Photon Beam or Proton beam . There's lots of controversy on this one.