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    Hi all,
    Just diagnosed last week with prostate cancer that has spread to my ribs and lymph nodes. World upside down for sure as I have a family and three little girls!
    I have started the hormone therapy and am tying to make sense of all this. We are going to tell the girls today. I am realistic but at the same time I need hope and plan on beating this back and to be around for my family.. Any ideas out there on new treatment options or ways to win on this let me know.....

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      I am sorry this has happened to you!!! Did you have symptoms like lower back pain? My J. had lower back pain for some time but thought it was due to carrying music equipment to his gigs. He is back in the hosp now and is unable to walk. He is on hormone therapy but it is not helping. Yet....the very best to you.!

      over 7 years ago