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    Neulasta Bone Pain and Claritin

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      Like gpgirl70 I lapsed once with the Claritin that was promoted by my treatment center after Neulasta injections. I experienced significant thigh bone pain. After taking the Claritin the pain went away later the same day. I also was diligent about taking my Claritin for the next Neulasta injection. I do not believe this was a placebo effect.

      over 2 years ago
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      Placebo or not...it helped to get me through it! The first chemo when I didn't know about it was horrible. The remaining sessions I used the Claritin and got through the bad days much easier.
      That's really all that matters to me :)

      over 2 years ago
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      The Claritin was like miracle drug". I didn't know about it after my first Neulasta shot and I was in such agony, tears were rolling down my cheeks, there was no relief in sight. Finally I took half of an oxycodone
      pill and fell asleep. Eight hours a after I woke up, I took two Tylenol and I was ok until I fell asleep again. For five days I just took the Tylenol every 10 hours. I got through it. At the next chemo, I told the nurses about the agony that I went through, and they told me about the Claritin and it was amazingly! No pain, nothing! Bless those nurses and check with your Doctor to ask if you can take the Claritin. I could not have gone through my initial experience again.

      6 months ago