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    Most all of us here either have cancer or are caring for someone with cancer, I ask you all

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      Being an active, productive, successful person with friends, on a career path, and just a life.. Now at 36 I'm just dying penniless and alone. Not where I thought I'd be a few years ago, but I'll die this way

      3 months ago
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      I miss having energy to go all day without needing a nap. I have a colostomy so have to be careful about the weight that I pick up - 15 lb restriction. I forgot and do too much stuff around the yard and house.

      3 months ago
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      You wouldn't think anyone would ever use the words "lucky" and "cancer" in the same sentence but Empath, many of us are so lucky that our cancer has left us with many options. I am so sorry for this predicament in which you find yourself. I hope you an find a way to come to peace.

      3 months ago