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    From Angie's List:
    1. Be assertive, not aggressive. Experts suggest overseeing your health by asking about different options, but don’t be overbearing by viewing your doctor
    as the enemy.

    2. Do your homework. Be prepared by bringing a list of questions you’d like to ask. However, prioritize the questions as there may not be time to get through them.

    3. Check for mistakes. To avoid potential safety issues, regularly obtain and review your medical records for any errors or omissions.

    4. Embrace support staff. Don’t hesitate to interact with nurses and physician assistants. These trained professionals can answer many 
of your health care questions.

    5. Speak up. Repeat aloud what your doctor says, as doing so puts you both on the same page and increases the likelihood you’ll retain the information.

    6. Bring an extra set of ears. Have a loved one tag along to your appointments to ask questions, or bring a tape recorder so you can play back the conversation.

    7. Give feedback. Share your good and bad experiences. You can’t expect a physician to improve if he or she never knows there’s a problem. Also, submit your reviews on Angie’s List to help others decide if a doctor is right for them.

    8. Ask about cost and shop around. Part of being empowered 
is understanding what you pay 
for health care and insurance. Discuss test and treatment options 
to keep costs down or avoid an unexpected bill.

    9. Move on. If you aren’t seeing eye to eye with your physician after trying these tips, it may be time to find a new one. Check with your insurance provider and then Angie’s List to find a perfect match.

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      Wise words, thanks for sharing.

      over 9 years ago