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    Why am I losing lots of weight and having trouble eating?

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      I'm not sure how you found out about your pancreas being half-dead, but that sounds like pancreatitis or inflammation of your pancreas and it could lead to serious medical issues.

      I'd suggest a second opinion from a gastroenterologist or endocrinologist who specialize in diseases of the pancreas. Do you have access to a teaching hospital like Mayo or Johns Hopkins? Best wishes for finding an answer.

      3 months ago
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      I already been told a year ago I had chronic pancreatitis but was doing good with rice and veggies and pasta with ensure but now even that kills my insides. Ensure even rips me up and have to take 2 Creon pills just to drink it but doesn't help. Doc says some reason not getting the nutrition outta what I do put in either yet have abnormal CT scan which I never had before outta couple dozen of them. Was told was further down than first time and not accessible. Doc done upper and lower scope but says saw nothing, I don't think he can reach as I was told so how can one say that if you can't reach it...smh
      Having issues I've never had like the neusea so bad and even when try to eat it gets so bad I stop. My head and neck down to my lower groin are just XXX...dont make since I was doing well on what I was doing the past couple of years but did have some problems but not as this...gotten hard to eat anything but I try.

      3 months ago
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      When I was diagnosed I looked up the best cancer treatment centers in my state and did choose a teaching hospital with a good cancer clinic. Teaching hospitals keep up on the newest and most advanced types of cancer treatments. The discomfort you are experiencing may or may not be serious but you need to be more proactive and research a good treatment center in the Cincinnati area . Get referred by your present doctor or phone the clinic yourself. With your past history you should be able to get an appointment. Wishing you better days ahead.

      3 months ago