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    So the count is up to 5 in just under 3 weeks! BFFs sister with AML (leukemia), Moms boss' daughter with colorectal cancer worse than initially believed and lost a lot more colon and intestine than originally planned, former co-worker with breast cancer, parents former bowling teammate with stage 4 pancreatic cancer (given weeks), and the kicker of them all... a friend who had to move back from Paris, France a couple years ago because they found a tumor and has already kicked cancers @$$ once just found out that the treatment that saved her life is now killing her! She was playing tennis, tore her meniscus and when they were doing pre-op blood work they found treatment related cancer (huge name that starts with an M). 2 of the 5 people I just listed need bone marrow transplants to survive. PLEASE, check out www.marrow.org to see if you are eligible to be tested. It's as simple as a cheek swab!