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    Surgery went fine got all the tumor in the breast margins were clear no lym nods effected. all cancer was removed according to the Doctor radiation was set up as a precaution 33 treatments total of 6 weeks all went well know they are talking about maybe estrogen blockers for 5 years. the medications have way too many side effects for me to feel comfortable. My wife is 65 and has been on a great diet and started exercise this week, We follow the diets suggested by the Cancer nutrition expert at the radiation Center.

    We feel that with her diagnosis after the surgery that she could keep the cancer away from her body by her diet(we do the carrot juicing every day and fruit and veggies and nuts etc she is in good health over all she does not want to turn her whole system upside down with estrogen blockers at this time in her life. especially that the lab after surgery said no other therapy would be needed The tumor was small and slow growing in stage 1 I NEED SOME FEED BACK FROM SOMEONE WHO HAS A SIMILAR CANCER DIAGNOSIS AND THE ESTROGEN BLOCKERS. NEED SOME ADVICE.