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    It feels like something is stuck in my throat but it isn't. Has anyone had this side effect from chemo or radiation?

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      This feeling comes with the territory for me. I have found ginger tea or peppermint tea to help Sucking on real ginger candy (expensive and hard to find) or real peppermint candy (you are in luck stock up now. give me some relief. I also find that this condition is aggravated by bending over. Try to squat to pick things up.
      You should probably limit yourself on dairy it causes mucus to build in your throat.
      Some cancers love company.

      over 3 years ago
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      Having to research for side effects to voice box area HPV cancer after a few radiation treatments in Dec 2017 and Feb 2018, the side effects got worse, throat blockage and severe mucus and saliva problems. I had to stop treatments in Jan, 2018 due to a severe sinus infection. I repeat, I HAD TO STOP MY TREATMENTS. One chemo treatment Nov 28th 2017 also destroyed my hearing with tinnitus and unable to be around loud noises. Cisplatin did that. Many young people can easily become deaf. I was not told about that side effect or many, many others that happened. Nephropathy pain only got worse as these months have passed. This should be a crime for oncology and radiology department doctors NOT properly informing patients about what to expect.
      Now to the throat issues, A CT scan will not show scarring or adhesion's causing the blockages in the throat area from radiation. What I do know that I have read , stay away from dairy products. Here are some many things I have tried, Baking soda and salt solution warmed up and use to gargle with, Coke and or pineapple juice ,,,,mixed together warm or cold helps. Very small amount of baking soda , gargle and then add small amount to throat area with concentrated lemon juice, it will cause a foaming action to help relieve blockage feeling. ENT and Pulmonary doctors I have seen helped very little. The CT scan I had done showed nothing. I have learned that a CT scan will not show scaring. Having a breathing tests done, the nurse told me to try and see a Gastroenterology doctor to do visual tests to the throat area. There are different tests they can preform and possibly widen your throat area and also do a test called, Barium Swallows tests.
      I am now waiting to get that done to get some possible relief. I hope others do not have the serious problems with many doctors as I have had trying to get something done. They have made me feel like they have never heard of the problems I and many others are going through. My side effects never got any better, only worse, month after month. The new radiation machine I was placed under for my ( MY ) final
      10 treatments in Feb 2018 was possibly not calibrated correctly. Months ago I contacted the state department of health who can do a surprise visit and check on radiation equipment used at locations in the state. I am still waiting on those answers. ,,,,,, good luck with what will help YOU out

      3 months ago