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    Starting Generic Cymbalta for pain

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      Hello Terri,
      I am an oncology nurse and I belong to a pain management organization as-well. I know you stated that the Neurontin is no longer effective. I'm curious to know what mg you were taking daily. The Cymbalta can be effective but it might take a few weeks before you notice it. I have gotten mixed reviews from patients. Best of luck to you.

      4 months ago
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      Hi Terri, I have not tried cymbalta. Most of my pain is from immunotherapy induces RA and they used steroids. I hate the steroids so they switched me to plaqunil. It is working so far but it is for the RA. I hope the cymbalta works

      4 months ago
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      I take Neurontin with this. Thank you for your comments! I am hoping for the best. I am taking 400-800mg of Neurontoin a day. I am so sick of pain.

      4 months ago