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    Has anyone survived stage 4 Inflammatory Breast Cancer after it went into the bones?

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      I have been living with Stage 4 Inflammatory Breast Cancer that spread to the bones, liver and lungs for 5+ years now. I am also Her2+. Hang in there.

      over 1 year ago
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      I was recently diagnosed with IBC stage IV triple negative that has traveled to my left hip and right femar. I am 30 years old with 5 children, my youngest is 5 months. I am terrified!!! I start chemo on Tuesday and we plan to do 4 treatments over 8 weeks and redo my PET scan. I am wondering if anyone else has dealt with what I am going through and can offer any advice or anecdotes? Thank you in advance.

      6 months ago
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      Dear MsShipp. I'm also stage IV, triple negative IBC. Cancer metastasized from left breast & axillary nodes to right nodes & internal mammary gland., but was not found anywhere else.
      I'm healing from radiation & surgery after chemo. I'm going to do another course of chemo to kick cancer that might be hiding. Symptom management for chemo is excellent, so it shouldn't be too difficult.
      My advice:
      1. IBC moves fast so your medical team has to be faster. Don't allow any needless treatment delays
      2. Take steps now to ensure your family's financial & emotional well-being. Counseling is what strong, smart people do to make life better for them & theirs. Life insurance & college funds plus clear explicit instructions will help keep your family together if you can't be here.
      3. Get good childcare especially if treatment involves changing your hormones. I found myself extremely angry and struggled not to take it out on my children.
      4. Bear in mind that survival stats have improved drastically since 2006. This includes keeping cancer at bay for years & years. Also new developments are happening everyday. 1 oncology said immunotherapy trials are expected in < 5 years.
      All you can do is hang on as long as you can. Assume you'll live to be very old until you know you won't. In the meantime it's not only okay to freakout, sob hysterically &behave erratically; it's expected

      about 1 month ago