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    Hi everyone,
    I live in Delaware County in Philadelphia. I am newly diagnosed with breast cancer. I just had a mastectomy and reconstruction. I want to attend the support groups in my area, however I am unable because I don't have a vehicle and cannot take public transportation. I was wondering if there was anyone in my area that could assist me with transportation. I know that there is the road to recovery program, however I am under the impression that they only assist with transportation back and forth to treatment.

    Please Help

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      Hi! Yes, I would love to be your email buddy- I'm still waiting to talk to my surgeon, but for Thanksgiving, I'm going to embrace the Denial Phase and forget about my breast and just enjoy myself. My husband is taking me to New Orleans to have bread pudding and spoil me rotten! I hope you too will have a great Thanksgiving! I hope you are doing well. Let's chat after T-day is over. I am going to change my email address but I can't figure out how to change my profile- go ahead and email me at: [email redacted]
      It's a better email for me. Love and hugs!

      over 9 years ago