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    I had my initial consult with the plastic surgeon today. I had decided on a bilateral mastectomy as the right choice for me. Even though the lump is small (1.5 cm), only in one breast and not attached to anything, I just don't want to have to go through this again. I know that there is still a chance that the cancer may return, but the chances are a lot less if I have a bilateral matectomy. I was hoping for the DIEP reconstruction, because if I have to have cancer, it would be nice to get a boob job & tummy tuck! Unfortunately, I've lost about 100 pounds and that means that my skin & remaining fat aren't good candidates. So, we've decided on the silicone gel implants. It will at least be nice to go from a droopy D cup to a perky C cup! Now I just have to wait for my surgeons to coordinate the surgery date.